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Company Email Branding is a must in 2014
That’s why we at MailManix develop Email Branding Solutions for outstanding email styling

e-Mail Makers

Email Makers is our fast Email Sytling support service. Send us Your Company Branding and we will give You back a fully compliant email template for use in all the popular web and desktop email clients now today.

ZENDUZ Pro (soon)

Your a professional and Your customers need high quality email templates based on the Company Branding You Design.Then You can’t work without our template styling software.

ZENDUZ Templates (soon)

Generate more than 300 standard templates based on Your own Company Branding.( e.g. colors/logo) After generation You can easily change the generated templates to meet Your specific requirements


Your Email system is far too complex or Your wishes are very special. Then You need the Email Docter. We whill service You with one of our professional email docters at a fixed price.

About us

Our mission is to create a better email world. Because emails are more than black letters on white background.
Email designed in your company style will increase Your Email performance with 300%!

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